Upperclassmen Offer Advice to Freshman

High school is a long journey and can be approached in countless ways. As an incoming freshman, it can frustrating trying to figure out what high school path is suitable for you. Sports? Arts? SAT? GPA? College? Am I too stressed? Should I be more stressed? The ODA community is known for their open arms, and is ready to help by giving their best advice to the class of 2023.

Maybe the best news here is that it’s only January. There’s time to refocus and reinvent oneself to make the most of high school and the short time we’re in it.


Harrison Koffman, 2020

Q: What is the best advice you could give to incoming freshmen with concerns about high school?

A: It gets hard sometimes but you gotta keep your head up and keep working. Surround yourself with good friends to help keep you motivated.



Jarred Flahive, 2020

Q: What concerns did you have as a freshman?

A: Wondering who I would fit in with and make friends with was the biggest concern. I got over my concern by joining clubs and sports teams.





Mackenzie Condrack, 2019

Q: If you could, what would you have done differently as an underclassmen that would have helped you as an upperclassmen?

A: I wish I knew that getting good grades as a freshmen would help the junior and senior year college application process. I also wish I got more involved in clubs and Student Council.