Makers Club Seeks to Create the Next Generation of Tech Professionals

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Jack Malcolm

Senior Tucker Harris puzzles through a tech challenge in the STEM Lab.

Most people think of 3-D printers and laser-cutters as futuristic machines that only top professionals have the access and understanding to use. The Makers Club seeks to change that assumption for its members. The leaders of the club teach students how to use the machines provided by ODA to build projects that they are passionate about.

“The Makers Club is about teaching kids how to use the manufacturing tools for the next century. It’s to hopefully teach kids how to use and understand the processes behind manufacturing,” says club president, John Floersheimer.

Currently, the students are gaining familiarity with the new 3D printers provided by the school. Students are designing and printing their own lego blocks. Some more advanced members have even started printing replicas of real-life animals.

We are excited to see what club members can do with their new skills. Interested? Head up the STEM lab on the second floor of the Student Center and check it out.