Decomposition is Better Than it Smells


Patrick M. Olson and Jack Malcolm

The Gardening Club, a new group at ODA, has been working on creating a safe, clean, and secure environment within ODA and around it. This week the Gardening Club is using composted waste in to nourish the soil at the edge of the woods at the back of campus. Rather than throw away trash where it will build up in a landfill, food waste can be composted and disposed of in the environment organically.

Head of the club, Gillette Bauer, cares about the environment and has engaged the Gardening Club with different activities and projects this year.

“I truly love the environment and want the world to be clean and safe for my generation, and generations to come”, said Gillette Bauer.

ODA is excited to see what the Gardening Club has in store for the future.