Car Wash Gone Rogue


Conor Gallagher ’19

Angelina Spina, Staff Writer

“I live in the country club. My friend Cameron Peens moved in right next door to me when I was about two years old. We were really close friends and would sometimes wash our parents’ cars for a few cents. It was more about just playing around with the soap and hose. One day we thought we were going to be good kids and wash Cameron’s dad’s car, a brand new BMW. We thought if we washed it for him it would make him proud of us and maybe pay us 50 cents. So we got out the hose, soap, and bucket and began washing the car, but after a few minutes, I see Cameron rolling down the windows and hosing off the inside of the car. I was like, “Cameron what are you doing? Isn’t that going to ruin the car?” He said no. It’s waterproof. So I just went along with it. Eventually, his parents came home and Cameron’s dad, Sean, went to go into the car. He opened the door and water just began pouring out of the car. He was so mad at us and called my parents. We were unable to see each other for what felt like forever and turned out to be a pretty bad time for us. But from this experience, I learned never to use a hose to wash out the inside of a car, especially a brand new BMW.”