It’s Only a Test


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

It’s that dreadful time of the year again. Finals. Nobody likes finals because of the stress and demanding hours students must spend studying. Although easier said than done, the key to surviving Finals Week is by being prepared and stress free.

“I advise people to map out a strategy and put the test into perspective, it is just another test,” says School Counselor, Melinda Lloyd.

Everybody has their own ways of studying and staying collected, but there is not necessarily one correct way to do it. You just have to find what works for you.

“I set up an exam calendar to keep myself organized and to perform my best on the exams,” says Freshman, Haley Moore.

“For Finals I plan on studying the night before because this year, I am not taking a full year course of English or History which gives me more time to study throughout those days,” says Junior, Taber Chadwick.

“I will study an hour a day for the next 3-4 days and then the night before I will get a good night sleep with a healthy breakfast in the morning,” says Sophomore, Alex Denler.

Besides studying and relieving stress, the amount of time you sleep will play a huge role in how you perform on test day. And no, you cannot try to “catch up” on sleep the night before.

Kids should be getting an average of 9.25 hours of sleep according to writer Mary Sheedy Kurcinka in her book, “Sleepless in America.”

Studies also show that eating a protein-filled breakfast the morning of the exam will raise your mental awareness therefore boosting your grade.

“I am going to have some yogurt and fruit with a bacon egg and cheese sandwich,” says Junior, Tom Willander.

“I am not stressed because I start my study guides now so that I’m more prepared for the exams,” says Junior Sereena Feeney.

Get ready. They’re coming.