Clueless About Prom?


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

Tuxedos, dresses, and limos. Yup, you guessed it. It’s Prom time. Whether you’re male or female, a Junior or a Senior, Prom is a very important event in any high schooler’s career. Many people are unaware of the procedures on how to get ready for prom. Especially guys.

A typical guys can be sometimes kind of clueless about things like dances. Many wonder …

  • What do I wear?
  • Should I bring a date?
  • Where should I go to eat?
  • What even is a corsage and a boutonniere?

For all you clueless guys: when planning your outfit for Prom the first thing you have to plan is who you are going with. Also consider if your outfit will match your date’s or your group of friends. But how do you pick what color suit?

“Usually the girl picks a dress and the guy picks a tie and suit to match it, so that is what I’m doing,” says Senior, Brad Hansell.

It is imperative that you get your suit as soon as possible because it can take a couple weeks to get sized for your suit and have it ordered to your city. Just remember to not take it the wrong way when the young female employee is reaching around you waist. She is just measuring you.

Next, if you and your date decide to match, usually the guy buys the girl a corsage that matches her dress. Wait. Huh? A corsage? A corsage is a flower given to the female to wear on her wrist.

In return, the girl typically gives the guy a boutonniere to wear on his lapel. A boutonniere is basically just the flower that he will wear on his lapel.

“I have to find a corsage that she likes and that matches her dress. And my date is getting a boutonniere that matches her dress,” say Junior Chris Eckart.

What else goes into getting ready? For girls, this may mean a day of preparations.

“I am going to go to Ulta. They are going to do my hair, then I am going to go home and my sister will do my makeup. Then I will put my dress on go take pictures and go to Prom,” says Junior, Tina Alvarez.

For guys, getting ready can be much simpler.

“I think Prom is bigger for girls because it’s a whole day event. They go get their hair and makeup done, while guys just get in their tux,” says Junior, Max Munroe.

Once you decide what you are wearing, you need to pose for some cute pictures with your date and your group of friends. Find a nice spot with a cool scenery to take your Prom pictures.

Make sure you have someone to take the pictures so somebody doesn’t get left out of the photo.

Depending on your status with your date (romantic or platonic) you will need to take her out to eat somewhere.

“Before Prom I am going to take pictures at someone’s house and vibe at the

Ritz,” says Senior, Laszlo Tengerdy.

“Before Prom I am going to get ready and take my date out somewhere nice to eat,” says Senior, Nate Patrick.

Whether you decide to “vibe” with Laszlo or do something else, finding a place to eat is an  important task. Will you go to Cheesecake Factory? Daruma? Capital Grille?

At the time a Chik-Fila-A sandwich may sound like it will satisfy your needs, but try for something a little closer to the luxurious side.

That is up for you to decide, just make it somewhere nice

Most importantly remember to be safe and have fun at prom this year.

April 22nd, 8pm-11pm at the Lake Club then after party at the Thunderome for After Prom. Tickets are $55 and will be on sale in the Student Center.

Want to just play it safe?

“Let the female decide everything,” says Senior Barry Holland.