Jazz Under the Stars adds More Musical Diversity

Jazz Under the Stars adds More Musical Diversity

Christian Ramos, Staff Writer

A long held tradition of The Out-of-Door Academy is an annual performance called Jazz Under the Stars. Jazz Under the Stars is an event where members of the ODA community can relax in the quad with a blanket while enjoying popcorn and other snacks, listening to jazz music played by ODA students.

Different than the traditional concert setting, Jazz Under the Stars is more casual. Consistently filled with spur of the moment improv, Jazz Under the Stars is filled with the creativity of the performers.

“To have a concert that consists of the only true American music that was created in this country. I love having all other groups, because it shows how much jazz touches everything, not just saxophones and trumpets. Jazz Under the Stars became a performing arts department of itself. It gives everyone an opportunity to take part in the event and it shows how many ways jazz can be played and how it can touch anything ” Adding other groups “adds to what [Jazz Under the Stars] is,” says Mr. Miller.

In the past, the show included woodwind, brass, percussion, and plucked strings instruments. Instruments like the clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass guitar, and drum kit have been featured in previous years. Now, Jazz Under the Stars has undergone some transformation; the show will now include classical instruments.

Although they are not traditional in a jazz setting, these instruments are not uncommon in the genre. The violin family has long been included in jazz compositions. Including these instruments was a change that was waiting to happen. Thanks to Josh Silverman, Mr. Miller and Mrs. Young, it did.

“The transition to playing jazz rather than classical compositions was relatively seamless considering the vast majority of the chamber ensemble members have a strong background and understanding of other genres of music,” says Senior, Josh Silverman.

This revolution will open doors to many people who want to perform who don’t play a band instrument, including the chorus members.

It is an avenue singers can express themselves as soloists through a competitive audition process. You will enjoy the professional quality of soloists this year! The chorus is singing one selection which employs a chorus member who volunteered to play drums. Another selection is by the student-led acapella group which they prepared during club time.” says Ms. Hoff.

We hope you will come out and enjoy the show on March 22nd at 7 p.m. Bring a chair. Bring your cheese and crackers. The night is sure to be a good one.