ODA Seniors’ Last 100 Days


100 Days Dinner

Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

There’s a hundred days left of school!

March 9th marks the date of one hundred total days left before seniors graduate. To mark the occasion, seniors and faculty will gather in the Black Box to share a celebratory dinner on March 9th at 6 p.m. 

What happens at the 100 Days Dinner you ask?

“At the 100 days dinner seniors get to celebrate their relationships with their teachers,” says senior Brady Moore.

The entertainment for the evening focuses on seniors who compose speeches about their teachers to thank them for their contributions to the ODA experience. 

“It’s neat to see the connections that students make with their teachers,” says Physics teacher Mr. Militzer.

“It is important to me because I get to honor the teachers and everything they have done for me,” says senior Kolbie Ward.

Besides reminiscing on the previous four years, the 100 Days Dinner offers some time for playful fun as well.  

Every year, the 100 Days Dinner has a theme. Last year’s theme was movie stars. This year’s theme is the 90’s. Most people get their costume ideas from pop culture of the time, finding inspiration in movies and TV shows. 

“I’m dressing as the Sandlot with the baseball team,” says senior baseball player, Owen Ragsdale.

Later in the year, faculty and seniors will be joined by the senior families for the Senior Dinner. The Senior Dinner is the same concept as the 100 Days Dinner but speeches come from the opposite source. Instead of seniors giving speeches about what their teachers did for them, the teachers take time to commemorate each senior.

Nick DiMare is looking forward to the Senior Dinner more because “he is very interested in what the teachers have to say about him.”

For many, memories about this dinner last long beyond high school.

“It was important to my sister because it was a symbol of her high school achievements and how far she has gotten,” says sophomore Mackenzie Condrack.