Orlosky: Wise Mentor to Growing Baseball Team


At ODA, students are given a choice to play any sport and some teams have achieved athletic success that is truly notable. One of these teams is the baseball team. Many attribute the success of the team to the strategies of head coach: Tim Orlosky.

Orlosky’s success with the team has been strategic and challenging at times. One of the most sensitive aspects of coaching is who a coach decides to play in each game and what position each person plays. These decisions are tough, but often reveal an intentional move by the coach.

“I put the best lineup I have on the field at all times,” says Orlosky.

“I get asked all the time, if I play “favorites.” I put forth the players who give me 100% all the time, that’s all I ask. And I don’t make guys run as a punishment; I do it to make [players] better. My goal is to get all of the players who wish to play college baseball to play at that level and for the ones who don’t want to give 100%. I just want to make them better than what they were.”

Another important consideration for a team is how to best condition and train them. The baseball team has been highly competitive and successful. Many say that it’s this intense training that is a part of the team’s success.

As a second year varsity baseball player who used to play at another school, I can say from experience that my old team was not nearly as motivated as we are. We are here to give everything our full effort. Training is a big part of that.

 Some players believe that Orlosky is pushing the team because he wants them to win a state title. Since he cannot cut anyone from the team, he chooses to work players hard to bring hard to bring them to a competitive level.

Junior Thomas Wilander is a new student who transferred mid-year from a school in Fort Myers where he was a pitcher on the varsity team.

“If you weren’t a starter on the team, [on his old team] you were not very cared about. You were to not talk and to only shag baseballs in batting practice if you were not a starter.” At ODA, notes Wilander, he has liked Coach Orlosky’s method of training in pre-season workouts.

Other new students have also liked the experience of playing on the baseball team.

“I like the organization here at ODA, for me in middle school all we played was travel baseball. In high school, we have our own baseball team, and we get recognized for it. I couldn’t be happier by starting here at ODA,” says freshman Nick Romangnola.

Whether you like Orlosky’s methods or not, the season is sure to be a good one. The team’s season is going to be a tough one and the players are looking at Coach Orlosky to be their leader.

Want to see a game and see for yourself? The first home game is at 7pm against Admiral Farragut.