ODA Parents Party for the Students


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

Save the date and get your dance on, as the ODA Banyan Ball goes to the Ritz Carlton on Saturday, March 11th.

What is the Banyan Ball, you ask?

It’s only the biggest and best party for the ODA community. For you, students, It is maybe one of the best ODA parties you won’t be invited to. Though students are not invited, the event directly benefits the school and all the programs students enjoy.

You may be familiar with the name for this event. Sometimes it’s called the the Banyan Bash. The difference between the Bash and Ball is that the Bash is a somewhat casual event and is held on an ODA campus. The Ball is a formal event held at a special location.

Unlike the Bash, the Banyan Ball always has a specified theme. This year’s theme is “The Roaring Twenties.”

No matter if it’s a Ball or a Bash the goal remains the same: To raise money for the school so they can give the students the best learning experience possible.

“The school raises money through ticket sales and the auction,” says Director of Community Outreach, Terri Medina.

Further fundraising happens when items are donated for the auction by companies who then become sponsors. When ODA auctions off an item, they are able keep all of the earnings.

Feel like you want to get in on the action? There are two ways to participate in the bidding.

From March 5th to the 10th, an online auction will be available. This online site is free to anybody to participate in. Anyone can bid. Even a student!

The main auction takes place at the Banyan Ball itself and contains more of the higher-end items. In years past these items have included things like special trips or big-ticket items.

Besides bidding and collecting money, there is a strong social aspect to the event. There is live music and catered food provided by The Ritz Carlton who “serves up fare that satisfies even the most discerning palate” (Ritz Carlton website).

“I think people would attend to see some of their children’s friend’s parents and support the school at the same time,” says Junior Taber Chadwick.

“I went to support the school,” said Sophomore Tai Gilbert’s mom, Christine Liberty.

Get ready to dance, bid, and have a good time March 11th, all while supporting ODA and their students.

Buy your tickets now before they run out. Tickets start at $325 for general admission. You probably already received your “Save the Date” notification. Watch the mail for your official invite and get ready to support your school.