Singing Across Languages

Singing Across Languages

Tyler Barlow, Staff Writer

Over the past couple years the chorus department has been performing songs in a variety of different languages. From Swahili to French, the chorus students have been exploring different cultures through music.

Learning a song in your own native language is difficult enough. Now add in memorizing the notes, the words, and your part for a song that has completely different phonetics. It feels impossible most days, as many students can attest to, but slowly and surely it becomes easier. While learning these songs any chorus student would be more than willing to rant about how annoying this is, and how hard it is. These students will also attest that no matter how hard it was to learn these songs, it was worth it in the end. Ironically these are the songs you can can catch the chorus students softly humming three years later.

“I really like how there is a cultural diversity,” stated sophomore Leeson Foullon as many of his fellow chorus students echoed.

Like any class there are students that do not appreciate the harder aspects of the class, in this case the songs in different languages. That does not stop the class from asking to sing more of these songs. For their spring concert the chorus is thinking about songs in Hebrew, French, Swahili, Hindi, and maybe even German. It will definitely be something to see.