Clayton Watson


“At the beginning of June, my family and some friends are going to go on what is called a Rim to Rim. The Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon in the entire USA, maybe even the world. A Rim to Rim hike is a little over 23 miles, but it is much more difficult than it sounds. I will be starting at the North Rim, which is 8,300 feet up and then traveling down to the infamous Fantom Ranch. Then I will hike out of the canyon arriving at the South Rim, which is about 6,800 feet. I will be hiking the equivalent of five Empire State Buildings straight down and four miles across a river and plateau. Then I will hike about four Empire State Buildings straight up. Hiking in the Grand Canyon is not about the distance, it is about the memories and history. The trails we hike have been used for thousands of years by natives and ranchers. It was a family decision because the rules and tradition of hiking is everyone goes in and out as a group. Almost all the decisions are done with and for the benefit of the group. This is because there is no stopping. Once you start you have to walk yourself out whether you have a broken leg or not. There is no mule or helicopter that will take you out. It is, but it is also a lot of fun as long as you are prepared.”