Fenker Facilitates Films

Jack Fenker

Peter Cornetet, Staff Writer

If you ever have wanted to have a meaningful discussion about any film you watch, no matter how obscure it is, seek out Jack Fenker and he will have most likely seen it.

Ask him about the obscure Scott Pilgrim VS the World. He’s seen it. Not only has he seen it, he can recommend others you might also like.

Fenker started out in filmmaking because he wanted to know how some of his favorite movies were made.  Fenker wants to inspire underclassmen by helping them make short films so that they might embrace Fenker’s favorite art form.

This year, Fenker, an ODA senior, put that expertise to work. He started the Film Club to allow students to explore the vast world of writing, shooting and editing films.

The Film Club will be filming various school functions instead of the school hiring an off-site video company. Already the Film Club has made the homecoming reveal video, the Mac n’ Cheese convocation video, and has filmed various Thunder Cup Events.

Fenker started the club with Mr. Kinser as the advisor.

“Film Club was a student-generated club, and I was happy to sponsor it because it helps students to create things and explore their passion for storytelling and technology,” says Mr. Kinser.

The club will be using the school’s two  Panasonic G800 cameras. For each minute of a film you make, it takes one hour to write, shoot, and edit. Once you have the footage, the clips must be uploaded in iMovie where they are organized and edited. 

“Join the club if you have any passion for any type of filming,” says Senior Jack Fenker.

Their next big project is to create an original independent short film.