Knit Happens

Peter Cornetet, Staff Writer

It’s club Thursday at ODA. In the Student Center, 50 students gather for one of the most popular 2016-2017 club offerings: Knitting Club.

On any club Thursday, the Student Center fills with the sound of clacking knitting needles. Students share bagfuls of colorful yard and marvel about texture and pattern plans.

“It’s good way to unwind and hang out with friends,” says Sophomore Max Hajduk.

This year, clubs have been made mandatory for all students on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the past, clubs had limited time to meet and so attendance was low. The new schedule has helped clubs thrive.

Knitting club has been the dark horse of the multitude of clubs this year. The club began after new ODA student Christina Lutton approached Student Activities Director, Mr. Brewer, with the idea. Mr. Brewer, knowing that Ms. Evans was a knitting enthusiast, asked her to sponsor the club.  

Ms. Evans says she only imagined that a few people would join, and it would just be a quit peaceful knitting session. Then 30 people signed up on the first day with numbers swelling to almost 50 once word began to spread. Under the tutelage of Ms. Evans, the students are learning basic knitting skills as well as how therapeutic knitting can be.

Ms. Evans, also a baking enthusiast, loves to bring snacks for students as well. On one recent Thursday, students munched mini whoopie pies as they shared their progress on scarves and hats.

“I get snacks, and I learn a valuable skill,” says Senior Tristan Bleau.