Aurasma Problems? No Nurse Required!


Mikhail Fazlutdinov, Staff Writer

The yearbook is moving this year! No, you will still get it when you are supposed to. But the new addition of motion pictures this year makes 2016-2017 yearbook different from all others before.

The cool new thing about the yearbook this year is that you can actually view videos with your smart device!

The electronic part of the yearbook is available through a free app in Google Play or App Store called Aurasma. Once you have downloaded the app, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with a username, password, and your real email address.
  2.  If your screen asks “Make an Aura”, select SKIP.
  3. Access your school’s yearbook by typing in “ODAYearbook16” (no quote marks, case sensitive).
  4. Choose “Follow” when you see ODAYearbook16 public auras.
  5. To view videos, click on BACK and then CANCEL.


And now you have access to the hidden videos of the 2016 Sandpiper!

To find yearbook videos, look for photos with a thick yellow border inside the hard copy of the yearbook. After you find a screenshot from a video that you want to see, move your camera so the image is in the center. Then watch the screen come to life in a video!

This new app will let students to view videos through the yearbook for the first time. The system can detect any picture with a think yellow border in the yearbook and play it as a video.

Be sure to look for “Easter Eggs.” Some photos were left without the yellow border or a logo and are still playable as videos.

Happy hunting! says Yearbook Advisor and Director of Fun, Mr. Brewer.