Students Prepare for Battle: Final Exams Challenge the Student Body

Students Prepare for Battle: Final Exams Challenge the Student Body

Maria Ross, Staff Writer

The darkness has finally crawled upon us. The most dreaded time of the year. It’s finals prep time.

This close to finals, don’t be alarmed to see swarms of panicked students at extra help, cramming to learn every bit of material that will be on the final. Netflix is no longer an option during frees and if you don’t already have a stack of flashcards, you might as well quit now.

If you’re the type to procrastinate, it’s a good idea to consider Quizlet, or creating a collaborative document so you and your friends can share notes.

Here are some teachers opinions on finals and their advice to students. 

“Eat, sleep, take meaningful breaks, and study hard. Include memorizing material,” says English teacher, Mr. Naylor.

“I would say find a system of organization that helps you study and stick with what works. For me, writing things out helps me remember, so whenever I would study, I would write my notes over and over again,” says English teacher, Ms. Betz.

Here are what some students thoughts on the approaching finals. 

“I’ll study for five minutes and take a five hour break,” says junior Sophia Gardinier

“I’ve been looking up occupations that don’t require a high school diploma such as stripping,” says junior Hailey Schlotthauer.

“I think we should do projects instead of finals,” says junior Andrew Berg.

“My strategy is just to have a good breakfast,” says sophomore Agustin Gualtieri.


Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to bring out the textbooks, highlighters, get the coffee and start studying.

Here’s hoping your “winging it” game is on point.