Powderpuff Football Piggybacks onto Spring Football Festivities

Chloe Ruppert, Staff Writer

In two short weeks, ODA will be hosting their annual Powderpuff tournament,  O Bowl!

“Powderpuff” is the name that has been given to sporting competitions that are gender specific, usually for women. For example, there can be a Powderpuff football tournament for girls, or there could be Powderpuff volleyball tournament for guys as well. Riverview, a local public high school, actually calls the boys volleyball event their powderpuff volleyball game.

It is unclear when the first Powderpuff event took place, but evidence traces back to as early as 1932 at Western State Colorado University.

After World War II ended in 1945, the traditions of Powderpuff sports resumed. Girls started to question why the male athletes got to compete in a homecoming football game, which was specifically dedicated to men, and decided that girls deserved to have some sort of event in their honor as well.

“I’m going to O Bowl because I believe it is about time that females are finally able to play football at this school on a competitive level without being judged,” says junior Greta Holland.

Keeping that in mind, ODA has incorporated that tradition and applied it to our own spring football game. O Bowl will take place on Thursday May 19th at Thunder Stadium from 6-8 p.m, the day before the Varsity boys football spring game.

O Bowl is a “powderpuff” style flag football tournament. All high school girls are allowed to participate in the tournament, however, they are coached by male football players.  In order to make the event happen, Mr. Brewer left it up to the girls themselves to round up ten girls in each grade to represent their class in the tournament. The different grades will play each other until there is an overall winner.

“I am very passionate about the sport of flag football as portrayed by my leading number of touchdowns in capture the flag during middle school P.E. I am looking forward to carrying the entire team on my back and winning the entire tournament,” explains junior Lacey Eaden.

In the past, our school has not had much luck keeping this tradition going. The last two years, O Bowl turnouts have been small. As the event is intended to have one class victorious, that has not been possible because grades have had to combine to make the teams large enough for the competition.

However, students and faculty are both anticipating that this year will be different. The students have taken matters into their own hands and have committed to show up for the event.

Some grades are even customizing shirts and are ordering them specifically for the event.

So why is this year different? Mr. Brewer believes that since the existence of the tradition is being questioned, that is giving students some sort of incentive to participate to keep it from stopping.

So whether you’re in the tournament or not, make your way out to Thunder Stadium next Thursday!