Summer Daydreams Soon to Awaken


Matteo Romano, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, there are only 28 days of school left until school is over. For many students, the only thing keeping them going is the promise of a relaxing summer vacation without the thought of school. Students are going to be engaging in various activities from athletics to travel to just relaxing.

Personally, I really hate to do any sort of deep thinking or do anything school related. I take time to relax and also to train for soccer. This summer, I’m going to the beach in South Carolina, and I’ll be at a week-long goalkeeping camp to train.

One of the most prevalent responses was that students were planning on a summer of relaxation, either at home or elsewhere. Being able to sleep in or just being able to sit back and enjoy life is a great feeling.

“I’m going to sit around all summer relishing the last bits of my glory days before I become an old fart and head to college,” says senior Vaughn Garcia.

While Vaughn stays at home and relaxes, many others will doing the same but just in a different locale.

“I don’t know, I think I’m visiting my aunt in Texas. While I’m there, I’ll be able to see my little cousin play soccer for FC Dallas,” says sophomore Tina Alvarez.

“I’m going to Germany again this summer. I’m going to hang out with friends, chill, and we’re going to watch the European Cup while I’m there,” says Junior Anthony Varga.

“I’m going to bike the Florida Keys this summer with some friends. We are going from one key to another, and it will be over a few days, and we’re staying at someone’s house for one of the nights,” says senior Erick Peña.

While some visit family and friends and relax in other locations, others have athletic plans for the summer. Some are close to home, while others are across the country.

“I’m going to be at national events for sailing in California. The first event is for F16s and the second is for 420s. The competition is to advance to the worlds and my partner and I won [the event in California] last year, so there is a good chance we will do so again,” says sophomore Skye Earhart.

“I’m going to be playing prospect baseball tournaments all summer. I think there are eight of them, most are in Florida, but there are two in Georgia and South Carolina,” says junior Duncan Cappar.

Students aren’t the only ones looking forward to the break, though. Teachers have had just as long of a year, and many are ready for summertime.

“I’m going to be the best man at a wedding in June, I’ll also work on some of my own creative writing over the summer, and I have to work on some things for my position as department head. I’m not doing any professional development this summer, though. Mrs. Betz and I are going to a program for professional development in Exeter, NH next summer,” says English teacher Mr. Lemieux.

Students will be preparing for the arduous exams ahead there will be much stress and anticipation around campus. Teachers will be trying to get in any last lessons before exams to get the students ready.

Amidst all of this, one thing we can all dream of is our imminent summer vacation.