Seniors Sizzle Out of School


Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer; Analytics Editor

The official countdown has begun until seniors last day of high school. Seniors at ODA have a different finishing date than everyone else. This early departure is because seniors will be doing internships to learn more about the field they wish to study in college. The senior class is counting down.

10, 9,8,7…

With only 6 days left of school for Seniors, emotions are mixed.

Some seniors feel overwhelmed with work.

“It feels like it is supposed to be winding down, but for me, my classes are winding up and getting busier,” says senior Madeline Naylor.

“I am exhausted, devoid of all emotions and happiness, and I simply wish to escape, ” says senior Vaughn Garcia.

“I am tired. I wish that it was senior skip week, not senior skip day. I am excited to be done and ready for summer,” says senior Sierra Dickerson.

Others are more focused on college.

“I am going to get a weird roommate,” says senior Nam Hoang.

“I’m looking forward to going to Aberystwyth College in Wales. It will be odd to be alone in a different country,especially since they don’t speak much English,” says senior Amy Decker.

Others can’t wait to get out.

“I am ready to leave right now. I am done. I am very, very much so looking forward to college. I can’t wait to get out of here!” says senior Alexa Kess.

That is all from the Seniors, they are too busy having senioritis for them to give me a quote.