Apps Advance ODA Students


Photo credit to google images.

Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer; Analytics Editor

You may be wandering around campus seeing students constantly on their phones and you could wonder, “What could those students possibly be doing that is productive?”

With all of the technology available on phones, there must be some apps to better students lives and assist with anything from academics to traffic.

In case you are not a technologically advanced person, I have compiled a few apps that many students at ODA use to better their lives.

  1. In case you are trying to avoid the awful traffic on University, you can check Waze for traffic updates, cop locations, and more.


“Waze is amazing. It keeps you out of so many speeding tickets. I use it almost everyday. You can make Kernal Sanders give you directions, ” says junior Chayse Kessous.

2. Quizlet is a great app for when you need to memorize terms for a test. Whether you have a huge anatomy test where you need to memorize the whole circulatory system or you have to remember Spanish terms, Quizlet is there for you.

“Quizlet saves my butt. It is a fast way to learn things if you waited until the last minute,” says senior M’Balia Bangoura.


3. Notebooks are a tool of the past. Nowadays, students are using Evernote, which is basically an online notebook. You can take notes for each class

“I use Evernote for everything. I take notes in school with it and I use it for notes outside of school,” says junior Chayse Kessous.


4. SAT Question of the day app is great way to help you prepare for the SAT. If you are a sophomore or a junior, this is a great way to prepare for the upcoming standardized tests.

“I used to use the SAT Question of the day app. The app helped me prepare for the SAT,” says senior Sierra Dickerson.


These apps will not only help you out in life, but also they will assist with academics and classes.If you are ever stressed from traffic changes, upcoming exams or standardized tests, or even from taking notes, you can always resort to these apps to help ease the pain.