Spring Breakers Overrun the Sarasota Area

Matteo Romano, Staff Writer

In about two weeks ODA will have the week off for spring break, but for most, spring break is already here.

We live in the county which contains Siesta Beach, the number one beach in the United States, according to a recent ranking from TripAdvisor. Because of this, for a week or two in march, spring breakers from all around the country descend on the area to party. The beaches become crowded, traffic increases, and party culture takes over the area.

For most college students, spring break usually takes place right now. As many of us know, spring break can be a one week deluge of alcohol, drugs, and parties. Even just standing by and watching it all unfold, many of us have been involved with spring break.

Many of these extravagant celebrations end up with a trip to the hospital in one way or another. The number of ER visits usually increases by a fair number during the week. The reasons range from vehicle crashes to alcohol poisoning.

“Motorcycle and scooter accidents are pretty bad… I see various cuts from bottles… injuries from falling down flights of stairs… severe sunburn from passing out on the beach… alcohol poisoning, says ODA parent Dr. Fred Romano.

Working in Florida, Dr. Romano dealt with a greater load of spring break related ailments than most.

“Think of anything stupid you could possibly do, and you will see it during spring break in the ER,” says Romano.

Sometimes, people are closer than they think to most of the action during Spring Break. In the past, people on and near the beaches had grown accustomed to seeing passed out kids in yards, and discarded bottles lying around.

“My neighbors’ kids came back from college, and they threw a massive party with like 100 people there… A frying pan even caught on fire and they just threw it in the pool,” says sophomore Phillip Cecil.

Another student, an ODA sophomore, recalls a time when a relative’s friend came to party during spring break. Her time during spring break ended in a drunken mess.

“She came into the house, and within minutes had vomited on her mother and then she confused the sink with the stove and vomited all over the stove.”

In addition to the traffic and crowdedness which makes getting around town an ordeal, the spring break culture of drugs and alcohol makes things even more interesting.

Another ODA sophomore recounts the events of a week during spring break which contained many encounters with the activities of many spring break revelers.

“We went to get Icees at the store, and we rode bikes there. When we came back outside, the bikes were stolen.”

As spring break for many comes to a close for many, pay attention to the last moments of others’ Spring Break. You may be amused by the events unfolding around you. Lock your bike!