Conference Day Horoscope

Rachael Kramer, Staff Writer

By now, you probably know that Conference Day is this Thursday, March 17th. Although you may think the majority of your conference will be focused on classes for next year, make sure to check your horoscope below to find out how your Conference Day will unfold.

Capricorn: On your way to school for Conferences, you will see something strange. You will see something on the drive to school that will be a sign of what will happen at your parent-teacher conference. Beware of Conference Day. This is not your day.

Aquarius: Conference day will either be the best day of your life or your worst nightmare. There will be no in between. Your biggest topic at your parent-teacher conference will be AP’s for next year. Come ready to talk.

Pisces: You hate Conference Day. You think it is a waste of a day, but you’re happy it’s basically a whole day off! However, the time of your conference may upset you. Be on the lookout for what time your parents schedule your conference. It may interfere with your “day off.”

Aries: Conference day is your favorite. You love that you have a whole day off, and on top of that, you get to hear amazing things about youself for 20 minutes. What could go wrong? Aries, make sure you take a second look at your English grade before entering this conference.

Taurus: You spoke to two AP teachers about classes for next year. In your conference, you will find out something interesting about those classes. You and your advisor will talk about this for the majority of your conference. Make sure you come prepared.

Gemini: You are one of those students who is never worried about yourself in school. You think everything will either fix itself or you will get everything that needs to be done. Before Conference Day, make sure to check all your grades.

Cancer: You will hear amazing news at Conferences. The news will have to do with what next year looks like for you. Conference Day will soon turn into your favorite day because of this amazing news. Go to your parent-teacher conference with a smile.

Leo: You probably planned on skipping Conference Day, but before you know it, your parents will drag you there. You hate listening to what you need to improve. You do not like criticism. Although Conference Day is supposed to be beneficial, you find it lowers your self-esteem. Before Conference Day, think of all the hard work you put in this year, breathe some deep breaths, and take it with a grain of salt.

Virgo: Something really awesome will happen to you right after your parent-teacher conference. The only way for you to find out is if you attend, right? Go to Conferences. You will thank me later.

Libra: Beware of one of your core class grades. One of them might have slipped too far. You may not have noticed until now. Make sure to go over your grades before anyone else does, then you will be okay.

Scorpio: Although you know how important Conferences are, you want to get in and out as fast as possible. Make sure to take your time and really talk about what you need to improve and what classes are right for you next year. It may surprise you!

Sagittarius: You are quite confident, but maybe too confident. Don’t let your third quarter grades surprise you. You want to think everything will be okay, but make sure your grades are up to par before you sign up for harder classes next year.