New Curriculum Guide Strikes Down at the Thunder!


Sophomore Kevin Bernet is enthusiastic about the new classes being offered next year.

Matt Jones, Staff Writer

It is almost fourth quarter and some students are already planning out their courses for next year. Some students have an interest in diversifying course selections beyond the typical core classes like American Literature or US History. This year, the increased offerings in English (to complement last year’s increase in history) reflect the school’s desire to offer courses that appeal to student passions.

In total, there are eight new classes being offered by the English Department, three new classes being offered by the History Department, one new class being offered from the Math Department, and a new science research option being offered by the Science Department.

But what are these new courses, and what makes them unique and different from the older classes that have been offered year after year?


Honors European Literature

“European Literature is a course that is designed to show how time and place can impact the human experience. This country’s cultural connections to Europe will also be a point of focus,” says Ms. Giraud, the Honors European Literature teacher.

Creative Writing I & II:

“Creative Writing I introduces students to various aspects of writing, regardless of genre. Creative Writing II is looking more in depth to tools of creating writing as well as looking into the publishing of a work,” says Mr. Lemieux, the Creative Writing I & II teacher.

Irish Literature:

“Irish literature examines how the mythology, religion, politics, and geography shapes the culture and literature of Ireland,” says Mr. Lemieux, the Irish Literature teacher.

Southern Literature I & II:

“The class will be based on literature and writers born in the South. First semester will be pre-Civil Rights movement, and second semester will be post-Civil Rights Movement,” says Miss Betz, the Southern Literature I & II teacher.

The Postmodern Novel:  

“Postmodern novel examines how writers use the shape of narrative as well as the narrative as itself to tell the meaning of the story,” says Mr. Lemieux, the Postmodern Novel teacher.


Honors International Studies:

“Honors International Studies is designed for students who want the intellectual and academic rigor of a high-level course, but don’t want a to take an AP history course. The class fills a major gap in the history curriculum, which is the study international relations,” says Mrs. Timothy, the Honors International Studies teacher.

he math department seems to have exponentially broaden student’s access to higher order mathematics.

Linear Algebra:

“Linear Algebra is an extremely rigorous course that will include the study of linear equations, matrices and determinants, vector spaces and linear transformations,” says Ms. Garcia, the Linear Algebra teacher.

Basically, if this makes sense to you, then maybe you should take a look at Linear Algebra.

Source: www.engineering4free

Other than the complex new class of Linear Algebra, the Science Department has decided to add an independent study course as a science elective, which should provide an interesting take on a department that is known for its deep thinking.

Science Independent Study:

“An independent study may be an option for a student wishing to do an in-depth science research project. Students who pursue this option must be self- motivated and high-achieving students with a demonstrated record of maturity and responsibility,” says science teacher Ms. Walsh.

Last but not certainly least; the Language Department has added a new class to its most recent language: Mandarin. Since it has been five years since Mandarin was added as a core class, it has now achieved honors status for students who wish to advance their skills of the language.

Mandarin Chinese V Honors:

“Chinese V Honors goes much deeper into the Chinese language, and the grammar, reading, and speaking skills of the class will go into more complicated ideas and concepts that are used in formal Mandarin,” says Ms. Yu, the Mandarin Chinese V Honors teacher.

So with all of these new and in depth courses available, students should have a great time diversifying their schedules according to their interests. So if you want to take a class that will really broaden your knowledge and challenge what you previously have known about a subject, it’s good to know that the new classes on the curriculum guide should fill your academic appetite.

To find out what classes are being offered next year, students are parents are advised to go to Canvas, and under the “courses” section, students and parents should click on “US Resources” and download the PDF that says “Curriculum Guide for 2016-2017” to find the courses that are being offered at the Out-of-Door Academy next year.