Auctions Are the Star of the Show at Banyan Bash.


Matteo Romano, Staff Writer

On Saturday, the Student Center will be filled as it usually is during the day, but instead of students, there will be parents wearing tuxedos and cocktail dressing bidding on a wide array of items.

Items range from personalized parking spaces to a relaxing weekend getaway in a nice hotel.

As one drives through the parking lot, it is easy to see that some students a more advantageous parking situation than others. How do they manage to get these personalized parking plates? They bid upwards of a thousand dollars at the Banyan Bash.

“My parents got the parking space for my sister when she went here, and now it will be passed down to me,” says Chris Eckart

Another interesting item up for bidding is an exciting island excursion on Anna Maria Island. It is comprised of a meal of oysters on the island, and then a guided boat tour that demonstrates the rich sea life around the island.

“I think it would be a fun family experience to eat some good food, and to also observe our natural wildlife,” says Gus Mahler.

This year, there won’t be the usual dog or cat up for sale as it has been in the past. The animal has been one of the perennial high ticket items at the auction, but it won’t be there this year.

“My mom used to be a teacher, and one of her former students won the cat, and she couldn’t take care of the cat and we ended up getting the cat without paying at all,” laughs junior Christian McCarthy.

There are also some items up for auction that give students the chance to join in on some sporting events at school. These include things such as private basketball lessons, to even being the honorary captain of the cheer team.

“I’d like to be the captain of the cheer team because I think it would be funny to see and do,” says sophomore Agustin Gualtieri.

There is an array of items up for auction this Saturday night as the Banyan Bash kicks off in the Student Center. The great items will be given away in a fun night for everyone which will even raise around 350,000 dollars for our school.