Mid Winter Break Has Arrived!

Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer; Analytics Editor

If you didn’t already know, there is no school next week. This “Mid-Winter Break” has been a tradition at ODA for quite a long time. Though the break was originally made for  students and their families a time to go up North to go skiing, not all students use the break for travel to snow encrusted mountains.  Some have adopted it instead as a time to relax, visit colleges, and to enrich themselves.

“I am going to go to my grandma’s house and eat. Then, I will go to sleep. Normally my break is just spontaneous. I don’t really plan ahead of time,” says junior Amad Brayboy.

“I am watching some Netflix over break,” says senior Wendy Tan.

“I am going to do nothing. I am probably going to watch Neftlix,” says senior Alexa Kess.

“I have saved up $80 to watch Deadpool once everyday over break,” says senior Nam Hoang.

According to the New York Times, the movie Deadpool is “far more psychotic than heroic.” You can read their review here: Review.

Others seem to spend the week doing some college touring.

“I am going to New York to see colleges with Myra. I think the break is a good time to go,” says senior Dana Saltz.

“I am going on a college road trip to Charleston, Wakeforest, Furman, and more,” says  junior Bella Lee-Swartz.

“I am visiting colleges on the east coast such as Wakeforest, Duke, Davidson College, UNC, and Clemson. It gives us an opportunity to visit colleges during the school year and get to see what the student body of a school looks like and also sit in on some classes,” says junior Charles Hayes.

Some teachers are using the time for professional enrichment.

“All the math teachers are going to a Texas Instruments Conference, so I am going. I am also going to watch some Netflix,” says math teacher, Ms. Bucci.

World Language teachers in Latin and Chinese courses will be traveling with students to language competitions. 

“This year we are going to take first place,” said Chinese teacher Shumin Yu in Assembly.

“I’m excited because I get to compete against other people in the state to show my skill in Chinese. ,” says senior Sam Hajduk.

No matter what you are doing over break, enjoy the time off. When you return, there are only six weeks until spring break.