American Politics are about to Pour Down on the Thunder!


Senior Vaughn Garcia is patiently awaiting the Caucus.

Matt Jones, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that it is election season in the US. Everyone from the stern Bernie Sanders to the outrageous Donald Trump have been vying for votes across states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and many Americans have been absorbing in what all these divergent candidates have to say.

But what does the Out-of-Door Academy have to do with all of this political drama? How would students at ODA express their views since the majority of students of students at the school aren’t old enough to vote?

Essentially, if ODA had the power to elect the next president, which candidate would the Thunder choose?

AP US History teacher Ken Sommers has the solution. Immediately following our winter break, Sommers has organized the first inaugural ODA caucus to give students the means to express their views on which candidate they think should be the next president.

“We are doing the Caucus on Super Tuesday, where 25% of the states are giving their vote for their party nominees. So I thought it gave us a great opportunity to explore the unique caucus process and for students to express their views and give their preferences,” says Sommers.

Even though the ODA Thunder will not actually decide who the next president will be, many students appreciate having an opportunity to express their views.

“I would say Bernie Sanders because he would do a lot make our healthcare system better and look out for the common person more than just billionaires,” says sophomore Matthew Luhrsen.

“Donald Trump because he is going to make America great again and because he is going to build a wall,” says sophomore Steele Carlson.

So come out and listen to what the representative student candidates have to say, and remember to cast your vote wisely as a student of the Out-of-Door Academy!

The representative student candidates are:

  • John Kasich– sophomore, Matt Jones
  • Jeb Bush– sophomore, Cole Challub
  • Donald Trump– freshman, Mutaz Faqqouseh
  • Marco Rubio– senior, Jackie Olson
  • Ted Cruz– sophomore, Matteo Romano
  • Hillary Clinton– junior, Izzy Eichenbaum
  • Bernie Sanders– sophomore, Chris Eckart

The first inaugural ODA Caucus will be held on Wednesday, March 3, 2016. Do your candidate research over break and get ready to vote, ODA!