The Valentines Day Dance Makes Students Fall in Love


Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer; Analytics Editor

Picture walking into the Black Box and seeing all of your friends dressed in red and white, dancing their heads off.

This vision is about to become a reality, this Saturday, at the Valentines Day Dance.

After having a blast at Homecoming, many students realized that they would like another school dance, that would fall between Homecoming and Prom and would be mostly for freshman and sophomores.

In a recent student council meeting, student leaders decided to have the first ever Sadie Hawkins Dance, where the girl is supposed to ask the guy.

Student Council decided to have the Sadie Hawkins when they realized that they wanted to give girls a chance to step up and be “the man” in the relationship. They thought it would be a good idea to have it on this day because it is close to Valentines day.

This dance will take place on February 13th in the Black Box. This week, tickets are $5. At the door, the tickets are $10.

So far, the dance seems to have sparked a following.

“The dance is on my birthday. I think the dance is going to be swell. We added another dance because all the underclassmen were really excited about Homecoming, and we thought they would want another dance,” says Student Council President, senior Sierra Dickerson.

“I am really glad that student council added a new dance. Dances are really fun, and there are more opportunities for school social events. I am looking forward to going,” says junior Helena Beltrao.

If you don’t have a date, you can still attend! Plenty of students will be going with their friends.