“Per” Offers a Fresh Perspective

Hailey Schlotthauer, Staff Writer

At this point of the year, we know what to expect. Nothing is new to us even more, even those students who first joined us in August. We know the best couches to sleep on in the STEM center, which teachers let you chew gum, and Friday’s schedule. However, there are a few students who are still adjusting to the student life at ODA.

Per Soderberg, who joined us in January, is one of them. Per came from a public school in New York to sunny, but “too hot” Florida. So what is it like to move to a completely new school, with a completely new setting?

any new questions about Per, what music, travels, hobbies, interests. Name.

Is ODA very different from what you were used to?

Yes, it’s a “good” different. Like how the halls are outside, and the class size is much smaller. What was your old school like, what is the benefit. 

How is the student body here compared to your old school? 

I think the student body in its an entirety is friendlier. Who was the first person you met here/ context. What was the first clue you got on how the people are friendlier. 

Is there more work here?

The workload is about the same, but there are plenty of opportunities to do my homework during school.

Are the teachers different?:

I think they are a little more laid back. Give an example. 

Sounds like ODA has been a good change for Per. And as for our other new students, we hope the change has been easy!