Math Lab Offers Infinite Solutions


It is the beginning of second semester and also the beginning of the new Math Lab. Similar to the Writing Lab in the STEM Center, the Math Lab will provide extra math help, ranging from geometry to calculus, for all high school students. It will be located in the three conference rooms in the Commons.

The Math Lab will be led by AP Calculus AB teacher, Mrs. Murphy. The revealing of the Math Lab occurred in this Wednesday’s Ovation.

“I am so glad to be back on campus and working with the students again. Through Math Lab, I will help support those students who need just a bit more explanation on a math topic. I look forward to helping with homework problems, quizzes, test review, and concept clarification. Come visit me in the back of the Commons. The Math Lab is open for business,” says Mrs. Murphy.

The Math Lab will be only staffed by Mrs. Murphy. Although both the Writing and Math Lab were recently implemented into the school, they differ in their staffing model. The difference between the Writing Lab and the Math Lab is that the Math Lab is not student led.

“I took Fundamentals of Math with Mrs. Murphy. I miss working with her and I will absolutely be using this extra resource to get pre-calc help,”says senior Lauren Redington.

“As an AP Calculus student, I look forward to receiving help from the teacher that creates my tests,” says senior Dana Saltz.

Prior to becoming a math lab, the space was used by seniors to eat lunch or study.

“I am happy for Mrs. Murphy and what she has to offer at this school, but I am very sad I have to now eat in the lunch room,” says senior Robbie Kramer.

The Writing Lab is currently open and will be running specific periods of the day. It will be open the periods that the student’s have the most free periods. The schedules are posted on the doors of each conference room in the Commons.

If you are a student in need of extra math help, make sure to stop by and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!