Advanced Comp Invites Students to Romp


You have a Statistics project due tomorrow, and you haven’t started. You don’t know what to write and you NEED help. You stumble upon the Writing Lab, get much needed help, and your grade is saved.

The 2015-2016 school year started off with not only a new building (the Student Center) but also a great new resource for students: a Writing Lab, located in that Student Center.

The Writing Lab is staffed by the Advanced Composition students, who act as writing assistants. The lab has become a place where students can go for assistance on their writing for everything from mechanics to structure.

Some teachers have also been taking advantage of the Writing Lab by assigning a specific class to go to the lab with a particular writing assignment. To get a good grade, students must use the Writing Lab and their assigned SWAs (Student Writing Assistants).

Having assigned work is a good way to get students used to the process of using the Writing Lab, and so far, the lab has been very successful. The SWAs help with assignments ranging from an essay to a research project. But how exactly does the SWA help?

The SWA can help by reading over your paper and finding errors and also by guiding you during the process of drafting your paper.

“It was a good experience using the Writing Lab. It was easy,” says senior Myra Singh.

SWAs also are learning in the Writing Lab.

“It is really cool because it is a new experience. Everyone is still learning which adds to the excitement. My first tutoring session I was so nervous. Now, I am not nervous and I love tutoring sessions. I recommend taking advanced composition next year, ” says junior Anne Keen.

“The Writing Lab has been a great experience for me. Not only can I help people, but I can learn some extra tips and tricks,” says junior Caitlin Camire.

“It is wonderful and rewarding. Best decision I’ve made in my life to become a SWA,” says junior Izzy Eichenbam.

If you need help with an essay, you can stop by the Writing Lab at pretty much anytime. If you make an appointment, you are guaranteed a time slot with a specific SWA.

To sign up for a SWA session, go to the Student Resources Course in Canvas. Once you are in the Student Resources, look for the link that will direct you where to sign up.

Don’t wait. Sign up today.