Turkey Bowl Goes for a Hail Mary


It’s ODA’s most exciting event…It’s Turk…Jingle Bowl?

What in the world is Jingle Bowl?

Jingle Bowl is the new and improved Turkey Bowl that may be held sometime around Winter Break instead of the Friday before Thanksgiving. The transition from Turkey Bowl to Jingle Bowl is more than just a name change, however, it’s a strategy designed to boost attendance.

“We held a meeting for the entire school and only seven students showed up and one teacher. We discussed some ideas about how to change Jingle Bowl and how to enhance it. As of right now, we are still working on it. The one thing that seems pretty clear is the senior class wants to play the faculty,” says Director of Student Activities, Mr. Brewer.

Though the idea of “Jingle Bowl” is still undecided, few students gave up a lunch period to discuss it. Seniors, however, seem to have strong opinions.

“I really liked Turkey Bowl the way it was. I wish it didn’t have to change because it’s been around for so long. It’s a tradition,” says Senior Liz Gaukhman.

“I think the Senior class should stay in advisory groups because we want to finish off high school the way we have every single year,” says Senior Libby Grimond.

Some students aren’t even clear why Turkey Bowl is transitioning to Jingle Bowl.

“Moving it to a different time of the year isn’t going to change attendance, but I’ll still go,” says Junior Trevor Gorji.

Others never attended Turkey Bowl and saw it as an off-day.

“In the years past, my family would always plan a trip for Thanksgiving break. But because we have an RV, it would take us a few days to get the destination, therefore I would always skip school. But now with the extended break and making the entire week an academic week, we will leave on Saturday,” says Senior Jackie Olson.

There are multiple reasons why attendance is so low. Some aren’t as athletic as others, some don’t like the game of football, and and some may want to take an off day for themselves.

According to Mr. Brewer, Jingle Bowl will have the annual Senior vs. Faculty Flag Football Game, but the Seniors also want it to function the way Turkey Bowl did with advisory groups and all-day flag football.

Stay tuned to hear about how Jingle Bowl will function this year.