The New Convocation Gift Surprises Seniors


We all know the typical Convocation. The seniors march in with their kindergarten buddies, the student body presents the annual gifts to seniors,  students collect food for All Faiths Food Bank, and Mr. Mahler, our headmaster,  gives his much-anticipated gift to seniors. But this year, Mr. Mahler’s gift was very different than other years.

For the past few years, seniors have received gifts based on the personality of the class. One year seniors got a wall to decorate, another year they got a day off to devote to community service. This year, the class of 2016 got a gift unlike any other, in keeping with what Mr. Mahler described as the uniqueness of their class.

They got the gift of deciding their gift.

Students were told that they can pretty much choose anything they want from the headmaster. He will have to approve their choice, of course.

Some seniors appreciated the thought behind the gift and like the idea of the gift being up to interpretation.

“It is unique, like our class,” says senior Sierra Dickerson.

To get an idea about what to ask for, the senior class brainstormed ideas during their ICS class (Issues in Contemporary Society). Some ideas ranged from having a beach day to eating lunch on the quad.

“I think that was very generous of him to give us the gift where we can decide,” says senior Nam Hoang.

Because the seniors are keeping their gift ideas pretty confidential,  some underclassmen offered some ideas.

“I would want a celebrity appearance,” says junior Izzy Eichenbam.

“I would like a day at a water park,” says junior Anne Keen.

“I would like 2:45 Fridays back, and Ovation to be a break instead of an assembly,” says junior Caitlin Camire.

“I would like another Headmaster’s Day off,” says sophomore Evalee Mason.

You may wonder…now what? What are the seniors going to do to get their gift passed?

The seniors are meeting in ICS to further narrow their top three ideas which will then be presented to Mr. Mahler. Stay tuned!