Dress Down Day Dumbfounds Students


It’s Homecoming week, and you can’t wait to dress up for those famous “Spirit Day” dress down days. You are excited to hear that this year’s themes include a “Mathletes vs Athletes” day. You are a tennis player and you plan to wear your adorable, yet short tennis dress.

You show up to school in the same outfit you would practice tennis in, and you get “dress coded.” Getting “dress coded” means a teacher or administrator calls you in to bring attention to your lack of attention to the rule of dress for school

Obviously, you are quite mad. This is supposed to be a fun day and you get dress coded for wearing the outfit you practice in. And it is not just you. Volleyball, lacrosse, and swim athletes can’t wear their “athletic gear” to school for the Athlete day, yet it is acceptable for basketball players and all guys to wear their uniform.

“You could wear a basketball uniform to a grocery store while you can’t wear a volleyball uniform to the store,” says a junior who prefers to remain anonymous.

The rules for the dress down days require that nothing be too tight or too short. Students can  not expose  midriff or cleavage. They can’t wear spaghetti straps, leggings, gym shorts, or running shorts.

For some, figuring out what is school appropriate on a dress down day can be challenging. There is no collar or solid pants required, but leggings and tanks aren’t allowed.

“I think I am in dress code because I am wearing tights. But then again, just because I am wearing tights doesn’t mean I am in dress code. I would never wear just the tights or just the shorts. I think I look cute, so it doesn’t matter. It is a dress down day, it is about having fun,” says another anonymous junior.

“I was Anna [from Frozen]. I was wearing a tank, but then I got cold so I put on a sweater. I wore a tutu. I think I was in dress code. A tutu on leggings covers my butt. I don’t really care though. As long as you are wearing pants, you should be good,” says an anonymous “Anna.”

Some students dress appropriately but don’t relate to the theme of the day at all. A few students, who shall remain un-named at the risk of being prosecuted, were spotted on Disney day simply wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts.

“ESPN and Disney merged. So I guess athletic attire is good to wear, ” says junior Bella Schwartz.

Whatever the situation was with the dress code during Spirit Week, everyone still had a good time, except maybe the teachers who tried to crack down on dress code.