First Quarter Grades Slide In


It seems like just yesterday was the first day of school, and now, first quarter grades are already about to roll in. You may be a new student and wonder “What are first quarter grades?” or “Why do we even count first quarter grades?”

Quarter grades are you current standing in your classes as of Friday, October 9th. These grades are not final and do not count; they are just a progress report to show your parents where about you stand.

Some teachers think that quarter grades are useful.

“I think that they are helpful so that the parent knows what there kids have. I  think that they are confusing because some students think that they actually matter,” says math teacher, Ms. Bucci.

Some students also think that quarter grades are useful.

“I think it is good because it shows you where you are at in a class because not all teachers will tell them your grades,” says freshman, Adeilade Mahler.

Others think that Quarter grades are out too soon.

“I am stressed because I don’t really know where I am at in my classes. I don’t my mommy to get mad. I hope my dad will still love me if I am failing literature, ” says junior Anne Keen.

“It is too early for quarter grades because a lot of teachers only take tests and quiz grades. We have only had a few test grades and some people don’t test well, “says junior Bella Lee-Swartz.

Others just simply don’t care.

“I am cool with it,” says senior Vaughn Garcia.

While  you may think the quarter grades don’t actually count, they can have consequenees for some students.

If you are failing a class, you may be placed in study hall. If you are failing more than one class, you may need to meet with your advisor and parent and set up an academic plan. If you are failing all of your classes, you may be placed on probation, and you might as well think about transferring now. Just kidding, but seriously. Failing?

Wherever you stand on this issue, just remember to relax. You can always bring up your grades second quarter!