Competition Between the Classes? Forget Thundercup…

The Biggest Competition is in the Parking Lot


Senior parking…Mrs. Dougherty’s favorite topic, but now the senior’s most debated topic.

Senior parking is one of the many privileges to the seniors for guaranteed parking on the left side of the cross walk, but the class of 2016 can’t seem to fill it up. So the question is… is it up for grabs?

“Senior parking is senior parking until 8:25 in the morning. After that, the extra spots are available to the underclassmen,” said Upper School Assistant Division Head, Adam Seldis, in a recent senior class meeting.

There are many student perspectives on Mr. Seldis’ new rule.

“I have to drop off my little brother at school every morning before school, and I don’t get [to school] until 8:25 sometimes, and parking is already gone,” says senior Evan Murphy.

Even the seniors who don’t drive a car to school feel differently about the new senior parking rule.

“First of all, we have waited three years for this, so I think it’s a basic senior privilege that shouldn’t have to be debated,” says senior M’Balia Bangoura.

Are seniors expected to get to school at exactly before 8:25? Are the underclassmen going to take advantage of the “time rule” and park there at 8:26? Are they allowed to park anywhere in senior parking after 8:25?

“I agree with the Senior parking and the fact that the seniors should get the privilege of those parking spots, but there are 30-35 seniors and 50-55 “Senior Parking Spots.” The juniors get in trouble for parking there even if there are extra spots.”

“I think underclassmen should be allowed to park at the back of senior parking if the seniors are in their parking spot and that the rules should be more lenient for parking,” offers Junior Duncan Cappar in what he calls his “rant summarized.”

Junior Duncan Cappar suggests “extra parking” for the underclassmen that are in the back of the designated senior parking spots close to their regular parking.

“[The Out-of-Door Academy] has limited parking as it is…it’ll feel more like your parking spot when [the seniors] get to paint their spot” says Head of the Upper School and Queen of Parking, Mrs. Dougherty.

Hang in there, Seniors. Soon enough we’ll get our Senior Privileges.