Changing GPA Scale Leads to Changing Students’ GPA

Seniors: Has your grade point average recently changed on Naviance?

Underclassmen: Have you been keeping up with your GPA?

If you answered “Yes,”  to either of these questions, you will want to be informed about the new GPA scale implemented at our school.

Our school has changed the amount of points given to students for plus’ and minus’.


Your “A-” is not pulling quite as much weight as it did last year. Why? This year the College Counseling Office made the decision to drop the value of your “A-” to  3.7 points rather than 3.75 points.

Though many were initially upset about losing points, the reality of the change has not been significant.

“My GPA only dropped like a half a point” says Senior Dana Saltz.

On the other hand, some seniors haven’t even noticed the GPA change.


“I don’t even remember what my GPA was before…I’m happy with it anyways” says Senior Madeline Naylor.

But why was this change made?

“[The GPA system] has been changed because the old calculations were not in line with the way majority of high schools and colleges calculate GPA’s…our old GPA’s made it look like there grade was higher than it actually was” says College Counselor Mr. Calkins.

When submitting college applications and transcripts, it is important to have as accurate information as possible.

On the bright side, our seniors won’t have to go through the agony of colleges recalculating their GPA’s and being completely shocked when they see it and our underclassmen will know their authentic GPA before applying to colleges.