Cardboard Challenge: Building Imaginations through Cardboard


This October 10th, Saturday, the ODA Global Citizen’s club will host its favorite event of the year: the Cardboard Challenge!

Club advisor, Mrs. Giraud, first learned of the event when she attended an Invisible Children conference in Los Angeles. While there, she met the film maker who started the movement based on the innovation of a young man he met in an auto parts store. The Cardboard Challenge celebrates that day with an annual event held globally called the Cardboard Challenge.

What is the Cardboard Challenge you may ask? The Cardboard Challenge is “an invitation to kids of all ages around the world to build something amazing out of cardboard, recycled materials, and imagination” (Imagination Foundation).

Why cardboard?

In the short film, “Caine’s Arcade,” a young boy named Caine decided to create his own “business” and open up an arcade made of entirely cardboard. His arcade inspired a man to make a short film on his creativity, ultimately inspiring this worldwide event to give children the opportunity to express their creativity in a global day of play.

On October 10th, the Out-of-Door Academy will host their third annual Cardboard Challenge at the Lower Campus. This year our theme will be nature.

“The Cardboard Challenge brings together the Lower School and the Upper School students into a united front” says senior Jackie Olson.

For the past three years, the Cardboard Challenge has been a huge success. Hundreds of ODA students as well as visitors from the community gather to participate in this fun event. The event in 2013 was such a success that we made it on the front page of the Imagination Foundation’s website!

“[The Cardboard Challenge] was so much fun, even as a volunteer! ” says senior Libby Grimond.

Speaking of volunteers, sign up to volunteer! There are many leadership opportunities at this year’s Cardboard Challenge including ambassadors, Fun Pass productions and sales, parking attendants, and many more listed on Sign Up Genius.

The Cardboard Challenge is one of ODA’s coolest and most interactive event that you don’t want to miss!