Vending Machines Take ODA Towards the Future


You walk into the STEM building and see vending machines everywhere. You wonder, is this real? Vending Machines at ODA? Yes, this is real. ODA is moving towards the future and bringing in vending machines.

These vending machines are filled with many of the same foods that are in the Commons, like popcorn, chips, nuts, bars, and more.

“I plan to add different things in the machines. We have to get different size containers so they will fit. Once we do that, we are going to put more lunch items, like grab and go items,” says Brett.

Many students like this idea of having a convenient, cool new way to grab a snack. Not only is food now available in new places, the machines are tied to student cafeteria accounts. Students just press # and then put in their PIN and press # again.

“I think that the vending machines are awesome because it’s good to have something different and fun. It is also very convenient because when you are studying in the cafe, you can get a snack because it is very close by. Also, if it is raining, you don’t have to walk far to get a snack and you don’t have to walk in the rain,” says junior Helena Beltrao.

Others question the necessity of the machines as the Commons is so close and contains mostly the same foods.

“It is ridiculous because we can find the same items in the cafeteria which is ten feet away. I was expecting different options like cookies,” says junior Anne Keen.

“It sucks because it is completely unnecessary. I just honestly wanted hot pockets in the vending machine. Just hot pockets. I gotta have my hot pockets and also tic tacs,” says senior Vaughn Garcia.

Many others also have ideas about items that they would like to see in the vending machines.

“I want pop tarts, drinks, cake, cheesie fries, and pizza,” says senior Gianna DeRamo.

“They should gave school supplies like pencils, erasers, or pens. In case I forget my pencil, it would lovely to have it right there at my convenience. I would very much enjoy having the ease of just grabbing a pencil and going,” says senior Sierra Dickerson.

The school is moving towards a new innovate way of snacking, and we hope to see more growth in the future.