Student Travel Makes New Strides


Student’s having a great time on last year’s Italy trip

Adventure can be scary. Many of us like to remain in our own comfortable bubbles instead of getting out and trying new things. I’m sure we all can relate. But one of the best ways to learn (and ultimately have fun) is through adventure– taking on the unusual and the exciting with an open mind and stepping outside our comfort zones.

This coming spring and summer, the opportunity for adventure is right at your door… or Out-of-Door.

As you probably know, ODA has been running student trips in recent years. Last year, we had the Italy trip, and this year, we have two brand new ones. That’s right! There are two new crazy adventures coming your way and they’re going to be epic.

Mrs. Walsh will be running a trip to Costa Rica February Break of 2016!

Mrs. Giraud will be running a trip to Europe in summer of 2016!

Costa Rica

On this trip, you will get to experience a different culture and receive a meaningful out-of-the-classroom education- all while having fun! And the best part? You don’t even have to know how to speak Spanish! You will visit the La Fortuna Waterfall, check out a biological research station on a lowland tropical rainforest reserve, zip line through the canopies, visit a local school, surf in San Jose, and more! This adventure sounds incredible.

“Each day of your itinerary is highlighted by people, places, and themes that will be an important part of your trip. Every day focuses on an inspiring person or idea that will leave a lasting impact on your students. The people you meet will share their unique stories about involvement with important ecological, social, cultural, and economic issues, allowing students to make meaningful connections and reach deeper levels of understanding,” says Chill Expeditions on the trip website.


Another student travel opportunity is the STEM trip to Europe this summer, led by Ms. Giraud. This trip is a great opportunity to travel to London and Amsterdam while exploring issues related to human rights.

“The focus of the trip is visiting London and Amsterdam to try and find solutions to humanitarian and environmental crises. The objective is to explore what major players in STEM are doing, then gather the students for a ‘youth summit’ in Amsterdam. While at the summit, students will address the some known problems and discuss what they have learned on the trip,” tells Ms. Giraud.

This trip will be taking place June 19-29, and is a great way to get involved in protecting human rights, explore major European cities, or just have a fun, summer adventure! You will get to visit cool place like The Hague, the Anne Frank House, the Peace Palace and the London Eye- all while developing a new world perspective and learning about what you can do to be part of a solution. Mark your calendars, because this is definitely not a journey you’d want to miss.

Photo by: Kham Tran Creative Commons
Photo by: Kham Tran Creative Commons

I know it’s hard to tell what these trips are really like since they have not occurred yet, but with the return of last year’s Italy trip, we can get a pretty good idea.

Senior Alexa Kess, a participant in last year’s Italy trip, loved the experience and had many positive, fun things to say about it.

My favorite thing was either the Pantheon- it was unbelievable to stand in the oldest building in all of Italy- or going to the Sistine Chapel; thinking about Michael Angelo spending every waking moment before his death creating the masterpiece was amazing,” she explains.

Students traveled to many highlights in Italy from Dante’s home to Florence and Pompeii.

“It was fun and interesting to travel with a group because I was able to get know people that I didn’t know as well and ultimately become friends with the people I traveled with,” says sophomore Misha Fazlutdinov.

If you know anyone that went on the Italy trip, I’m sure they will tell you about the great time they had and just how awesome ODA student travel trips are.

So what can you do to take advantage of these spectacular opportunities at hand?

The deadline to sign up for the Costa Rica trip is October 15.

Enrollment closes for the STEM trip on September 30.

So sign up fast and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

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