You Will Have “No Ragrets”


When you look back one, two, ten, twenty years ago, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is there anything specific that you wish you did..or didn’t do? Often, time offers new perspective on decisions we have made in the past.

The transition from middle school to high school tends to be challenging for some students. High school is the beginning of the college process and it is also the time for individuals to find their social group.

This week, we asked the oldest students at ODA what they would tell their freshmen selves, if they had the chance.

IMG_5397.PNG-2Student body President, Sierra Dickerson, has not always had an easy time in high school. In ninth grade, she remembers staying up late every night and always waking up tired. However, as the years went on, Sierra began to adjust to the school schedule.

Once she realized the changes she needed to make, Sierra claims to have been less stressed and was able to focus on things apart from academics, such as school and her family life.

As a result, Sierra advises “Use your study halls and free periods wisely. It makes life so much easier.”

In his freshmen year, senior Sam Hajduk had a hard time adjusting. Not only was he making the transition from middle to high school, Sam was also introduced to an entirely new environment at a different school far away from his previous home in New Jersey. He felt nervous about fitting in, and was worried about being able to manage the workload. However, he made it through not only one year of high school, but he has now almost completed four years.

IMG_5391.PNG-1-1Sam says that the moment his perspective changed was after his experience in China. Sam was half way across the world when he realized that it was not necessary to be locked up in a classroom to learn.

Through this travel experience, Sam was given the chance to look at life in a different way and all of his worries from freshmen year diminished.

“Don’t worry so much about things because everything is going to work out in the end, ” offers Sam. 

As the character “Scotty P” from the movie We’re the Millers says on his mis-spelled tattoo, “No Ragrets.”

Freshmen, this is your chance to take advice from the best of the best. Work hard in class, take opportunities, and you will be successful during your long (or short) four years of high school!