Keeping Up With the Keurig


The Café Keurig, which the journalism team has appropriately named “Keurie”

It feels just like yesterday that the only place you could get a cup of coffee on campus was at the counter in the Commons, but oh how the times have changed. With the opening of ODA’s newest (and coolest) building, the Stem Building, we will no longer have to live with a teeny communal coffee pot nobody really likes to use.

That’s right everyone, there’s a new coffee maker in town, and it’s located right in the middle of everyone’s favorite new place.

For those who don’t know what a Keurig is, a Keurig is a coffee maker that allows you to use K-Cup pods (single-serve coffee containers) to brew your own personal cup of coffee. Yeah. It’s pretty cool. Our new Keurig machine sits on the back shelf of the café in the Vitale Student Center and is there for anyone to use at any time of the day.

“It’s really easy to use,” explains junior Lexi DeBartolo, “but I don’t really drink coffee, I just used it once.”

Although it is not hard to use, people seem to be hesitant to use it. This could be due to confusion over the notepad conspicuously placed beside our new coffee maker.

“I think [the Keurig] is great, I just don’t understand if we have to pay for it or not,” says senior Liz Gaukhman.

A lot of people are confused about paying for the K-Cup pods and don’t know how much money they are spending as they sign their names. Well, this may come as a surprise, but the current price of each pod isn’t $1.00, or $2.00, or even $2.50… the pods are actually FREE! I know what you must be thinking- “but how?!” After a quick chat with the Commons’ own Brett “Skippy” Schnathmann, I can confirm that the notepad in question is a scam and anything you’ve heard is a lie.

Brett has no clue why the notepad is there or how it got there to be honest- its just another one of life’s greatest mysteries. But don’t get too excited- we may currently have access to FREE coffee (seriously, that never gets old), but when the new additions to the café arrive, they won’t be free anymore.

“Hopefully, we will put in vending machines soon with things like sushi, salads, and snacks in them,” says Brett, “then you will have to get the Keurig pods from the vending machines. The pods will come inside the [coffee] cup along with a coffee stirrer.”

Woah. Mind Blown. These vending machines could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to ODA. We will soon be able to get all our snacks and coffee from the café, quick and easy (although it would still be nice to pay a visit to our dear old friend Skippy in the commons every once in a while).

But as of right now, all we have is the Keurig. It’s still pretty cool though. With bigger and better things on their way, it’s still great that we can make our own coffee for free right?

Early morning pick-me-up? Done.

Need to spend all night cramming for that Friday morning test? Bring it on.

The Keurig is here to stay, thunder, so use it as much as your heart desires. You know what they say; a coffee a day keeps the burden at bay.