Confessions of a Graduating Senior


I just get sentimental about random things, and this is pretty far out there, but last night I was crying because I realized that it was my last Sunday night that I would then wake up the next morning to go the high school.

My first day of school at ODA was freshman year. I had never gone to a different school, and I knew practically nobody. I remember being overwhelmed by the number of people that were looking at “the new kids.” My first day was filled with awkward moments and scary moments.

It took me a while to realize that the when Mr. Dougherty seamed less than thrilled that there was a younger Karp in his class, that was just his way of joking and trying to make me feel more comfortable.

Kimmy Comito was the first real friend that I made at ODA. We decided to go to Thunder Fun Day that November together, and have a sleepover after.

Confession number one: Kimmy and I stole a cake from the cake walk freshman year.

My sophomore year, I remember talking to my parents about how excited I was to not be a freshman anymore. I wouldn’t be the underdog, and I wouldn’t be the new kid.

The ironic thing about all of this is, that I was so excited about being a sophomore, however, I remember absolutely nothing about sophomore year.

So, that’s a little lie, I do remember some things. I remember where everyone sat in my chemistry class, and I remember Ms. Giraud standing on the desk screaming about “dailies.” I also remember how my sophomore year was when I fell in love with writing and grammar, all thanks to Ms. Giraud.

Confession number two: Dad, you sleepily asked me what time I got home at night, it wasn’t always actually 10:30.

Junior year was may favorite year up until that point. I became so close with almost everyone in my grade. However, I don’t think that I would have done that without my sister’s harsh comment at the beginning of the year.

Confession number three: My sister told me that I had to make my own friends and stop hanging out with hers.

This past  year was the most climactic and memorable year of high school. I become even closer with my friends and we all became a family. We stuck by each other through the good times and the bad. This year was truly a roller coaster of events, but together, we all came through as strong and independent individuals who are finally prepared to leave our ODA home and embark on our next journey.

Whether it be in California or Tampa, we are all leaving the comfort of both our ODA family and our immediate families to branch out and discover ourselves. Going to college has always seemed like a far off adventure, but with every passing day, the idea of leaving is becoming more and more real.

Most people say that they are excited to go to college and start the next chapter of their lives, when in reality, I think everyone is secretly nervous.

Confession number four: I am scared of the unknown when it comes to leaving for college.

With senior internships ending and graduation approaching, summer is just on the horizon. My one word of advice to my fellow seniors is to embrace the scariness of leaving, and start dealing with those emotions now so that when the time comes, you feel more prepared to leave.

For the rest of the ODA students, my advice is to not rush high school. I know that in the moment it is easy to want to be finished and going to college, but the time will fly by, and you will wish you were a freshman again. Savor the time with your friends and family; these are the times you will look back on and be happy with the memories that you made.

Confession number five: I will miss my ODA family SO MUCH!!!

Lots of love to you all!! XOXO