FAQs 4 the AP

FAQs 4 the AP

It has come to that time of year that AP students fear most. While all students enrolled in regular and honors classes will be sitting to take their exams in two weeks, AP students are undergoing their final exams for their classes this week.  If you have seen any frantic, stressed out students running around school, after reading this article you will know why. We have collected a series of frequently asked questions about AP’s and with the help of Mr. Harding, Mr. Sommers, and AP students, we offer some answers.

Q: What even is an “AP” class?

A: An AP class is the level above honors classes. All AP’s are college classes offered to high school students. “Its supposed to challenge students with a large amount of content & critical thinking questions with the hopes that they can be answered through outstanding written and oral communication skills” explains Mr. Sommers.

Q: Why would you take the class now, not in college?

A: Students who have a passion for a class, or want to get ahead on their college credits can take the class in high school, so they don’t have to take it in college. If you complete classes now instead of your freshman year of college, it will give you more opportunities to take classes that you’re more interested in. “AP’s are not just about earning a college credit. It shows colleges that you can complete their level of courses in a high school setting. It also shows hard work and dedication, so basically the credit is just a bonus,” says college counselor Mr. Harding.

Q: So you’re telling me that I can take an AP class and automatically get a credit for it in college?

A: No. This is why over the next couple weeks you’re going to see a lot of students with their stress level to the max. “If you do not pass the final exam, you don’t get the credit for the course. “The exam is graded out of 5, and you generally have to get a 4 or a 5 on the exam to receive credit,” explains Mr. Harding. Some schools don’t even take AP credits regardless of what you scored.”

Q: If I take an AP next year is it going to take over my life?

A: Not necessarily. If you are going to take your first AP class next year, it would be wise to build yourself up. Meaning that you shouldn’t go from all regular classes to taking 4 AP’s. Every student knows their tolerance work load wise, and if you can only handle one AP, then that is perfectly okay, its still a huge challenge. As long as you don’t wait until the last night until your assignment is due, the classes are manageable. “I’m in AP US history and it definitely is a large part of my work load each night, but I wouldn’t say that it really stresses me out that much” explains Sophomore Sasha Brun-Wibaux.

Good luck this week, AP students!