Steel Relic Rocks


As you may know, sophomore Ethan Eckhard is a rock star. He is the drummer and keyboard player in an up-and-coming band called Steele Relic.

The band consists of four, talented young musicians who met at Guitar Center. Their ages ranges from 12-18. Cardinal Mooney’s Jill Polk is the lead singer, Pineview’s Reed Sphan jams out on the guitar, Southeast’s Alec Wixon plays a mean drum and ODA’s Ethan Eckhard, rocks the keyboard and drums.

The band earned celebrity status a few weekends ago at a battle of the bands. With their winnings came fame. They won $500, an opening spot at Ranch Jam (a local music festival), and 10 hours of recording time with a real producer.

The band thought the best of their winnings was being able to open at Ranch Jam.

“It was awesome, so different than anything we played before. There was professional sound equipment and professional technicians running the sound board. We were treated like celebrities and got to go backstage and get free food,” says Eckhard.

“Other locally acclaimed bands also played the Ranch Jam such as Alabama, Molly Hatchet, Rick Derrenger, and The Guess Who. It was exciting playing on that stage. It was much bigger and had a different energy,” says Eckhard.

“The demo is going to be big for us because we can advertise and more people can see how good we are. This summer is going to be awesome because we have a lot of shows.  I don’t really know where that’s going to take us,” says Eckhard on the topic of Steel Relics new demo.

If you’re passionate about the music scene and like to support local bands you can visit Steele Relics facebook page at to find their touring schedule and band facts.

Rock on, Ethan!