New Student Council Takes Over

New Student Council Takes Over

They stand in front at Assembly. They run events and have a plethora of school spirit. They basically run the school. You guessed it, it is Student Council.

You may have noticed some new smiling faces holding the door for you at Friday’s assembly. After the long process of elections, speeches, and voting, the new Student Council members are elected and they are taking over!

  • President: Sierra Dickerson
  • Vice President: Liz Gaukhman
  • Social Coordinator: Sydney Avery
  • Treasurer: M’Balia Bongoura
  • Secretary: Marisa Bregg

These five students will be ODA’s student council for the 2016 school year. They already have some exciting plans up their sleeves, with fun assemblies, events, and more to make next year an incredible one. They have already implemented their Student Council Snapchat account, @Odastudentco. Feel free to add them on Snapchat to stay updated on activities and school.

This year, all five of them agree that their goal is to raise school spirit and make school events fun.

“Our motto is to make school cool, ” remarks M’Balia.

If you have any suggestions as far as events or activities, let one of them know, as they would love to hear your imput!