Giving Students Something Nibble On

Giving Students Something Nibble On

What would you do to improve your student paper?

For the past couple of weeks,  Intro to Journalism students have been encouraged to develop an original part of the Bolt to ensure that all of the students in the class have a certain creative role within the paper. These projects are called Vision Quests. Like the variety you might find in the cafeteria; the vision quests will give you something to chew on.  These small segments will appear weekly. For instance GO-ODA itself is a Vision Quest.  GO-ODA will  highlight good news around ODA and the local area. These are some of the others:

Sports Center: (Najee Rhodes, McCabe Ballance and Christian McCarthy)

This vision quest will bring an overview to recent school sports games and events.

He said, She Said: (Hailey Schlotthauer, Anne Keen)

This comedic segment will include elements like “He said, She said” and “Lie Witness” in which students and teachers are interviewed. The shows are there to display the differences in how people at ODA view things and situations. “He said, She said” is purposed to display the differences in how men respond to things in contrast to how women do.

Humans of ODA: (Emma Young)

You may be familiar with the photo blog called Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. This Vision Quest is based on his idea. Emma will be circulating around and asking people for quotes to use for her weekly photo blog.

The Cool Kids Table (Lauren Redington)
All things food in Sarasota from a student perspective will be the focus of Lauren Redington’s Vision Quest. Lauren will be doing things like conducting student polls of favorite Starbucks drinks, and reviews of local restaurants.

Social Media Guru (Chloe Ruppert)

Chloe is in charge of the Bolt’s social media and will be pushing out stories into social media.