Superbowl XLIX Commercials are Ones to Remember

Kimmy Comito


Wondering what these boys are smiling and giggling at? In case you missed them, some Super Bowl commercials that aired last Sunday were very highly rated. In fact, Superbowl commercials are known to be the best commercials TV viewers see all year.

“I didn’t even watched the game I just watched the commercials,” junior Miller Condrack said.

“My favorite was the #likeagirl one. I thought it was really powerful, ” junior Jordan Bruder says.

“I really like that too,” added Miller.

“The puppy and the horse commercial. I’m a sucker for puppies” said English teacher Mr. Lemieux.


“Definitely the skittles commercial where everyone had one big arm,” senior, Taylor Albano shared.

“I liked the one with the screaming goat, that was funny” Reanna Gregory

“Probably the Doritos one that made me laugh pretty hard” Angus Martin

“My favorite was probably the Coca Cola one” senior Nick Romano said.