ODA Welcomes Wallenda: King of the High Wire


ODA students walked into Monday morning assembly thinking that it was going to be just another monotonous Monday. Little did they know that they were in for a high flying assembly guest.

King of the high wire, Nik Wallenda shocked all of the students when he walked out from behind the bleachers to give the students some words of inspiration.

Wallenda spoke about pursuing dreams and never giving up. He encouraged the students that, “No matter what your dreams are, continue to pursue your dreams.”

Wallenda spoke about his own specific dream which he accomplished by not taking no for an answer.

Nik Wallenda first approached the New York senator for approval to walk his high wire over Niagara Falls. After his first encounter with the senator, he was immediately shot down.

“I knew there has to be a way to make this dream come true,” Wallenda shared with ODA.

After much dedication and persuasion, Wallenda was able to convince the senator to let him pursue his dream. However, Wallenda soon came down from his cloud and realized that he now had to gain approval from Canadian authorities.

After further adversity, he was able to get consent to take his walk over Niagara Falls.

At this point, you may be wondering why Nik Wallenda was standing in our Thunderdome, speaking to the students about all of this. Well, you could say he was the opening act to a lasting relationship and partnership with the Circus Arts Conservatory.  Watch for part two of this story once ODA students experience life under the big top.