Y the L Not?

Could you imagine trying to eat as many mini doughnuts as fast as you can? Or drinking a can of soda out of a three foot long straw?! If you’d like to know what that is like first-hand, or would like to participate in such wacky activities, just ask Reanna Gregory! Reanna is an active member of Young Life, a group that gathers to have fun ¬†while learning about religious traditions.

“It’s the best part of my week!!” Senior, Reanna Gregory, says of her Young Life club.

Josh Simon, an ODA alumni, and his mom, were the first people who told Reanna about Young Life.¬†Senior, Olivia White, one of Reanna’s close friends, invited Reanna to attend Young Life with her for the first time.

“At first it was kind of awkward because the only people I knew were Olivia and Josh. But after I went to Windy Gap this year, I fell in love with it”

Windy Gap is a camp that is held in North Carolina along with other various states, which is where kids participate in essentially a full week of young life, participating in fun activities and making knew friends, while building a relationship with Christ.

“Camp is kind of a middle ground. You don’t have to believe in anything to go to camp and you don’t have to go either, it’s just and opportunity if people choose to.”

“I want to try to get people to know that, that it isn’t all revolved around religion and some people don’t want to go because they think it’s a youth group. You don’t have to believe anything to go. There’s ‘club’ which is on Monday Nights, and there is campaigners which are in smaller groups on other days of the week or weekend, which focus more on the faith aspect…For me personally, I get to enjoy having fun being surrounded by great people while also staying close with my faith.”

Reanna encourages people to come out to Young Life even if they are not religious and have never been before. If you’d like to know more feel free to contact Reanna at any time and she would be happy to talk and tell you all about it!