ODA Students Creating Works of Art


Tara Donovan and Maya Lynn are two well known contemporary American artists who have inspired a ninth grade ODA student to follow in their footsteps.

Freshmen Rachel Silverman took an art foundation class over the summer with Mr. Madres at ODA. During this summer course, the students were assigned to complete sculptures by the end of the summer course. Mr. Madres had given the students ideas and examples from all different contemporary artists, and the work of Tara Donovan inspired Rachel.

Mr. Madres explained that, “She was in my art foundation summer course, and it was the final project about assemblage sculpture.” and that “she liked the work of Tara donavon.”

After deciding that this was what Rachel wanted to design her final project on. Rachel went to the dollar store and bought bowls, that were “an inexpensive abject she could use.” as told by Mr. Madres

While talking with Rachel about her art she said that she took the summer course “just for fun.”

On top of being an amazing sculptural artist, Rachel takes ceramics, and has been a ballet dance for 9 years. Rachel explained her dance schedule saying, “I dance ballet six days a week for the Sarasota Ballet.”

Rachel commented on her future plans saying that she would love to continue dancing when she is older. She creates art as a hobby, but she clearly has the ability and the creative mind to pursue art as much as she may want to.

With the opening of the UTC Mall, Rachel entered a contest call “Show Your UTC” where people were asked to get creative and make the letters U, T, and C in a creative way. Rachel decided to incorporate her dance skills and spell out the letters with her body while in her ballet leotard.

Rachel is clearly a student to keep an eye on, as she will do so many amazing things throughout her high school career and beyond.